What is Hardcore?

Crushed stone which is used as a sub-base material on drives and paths, giving a strong firm base upon which the top surface will be placed.

How long will the project take?

This depends on the size of the project and weather conditions. We will discuss with you the timeline of your particular job in advance.

What goes in between the gaps in Flagstones?

A mixture of sand and cement wetmix, called pointing.

When can I walk on it?

Flagstones can be used once pointed and left for 2-3 days. Block paving can be used when finished.

What about the manhole cover?

Counter sunk manhole covers are available and paving products can be cut to fit around, giving a good overall finish.

Do I need a skip?

Yes! The size of skip will depend upon the type of project - again we can discuss this with you, once we know the scale of the work.

Will you need access to electric?

Occasionally we need to use smaller hand tools, so access would be useful, but all our heavier equipment is petrol driven.

Will you need access to water?

Yes, water is quite heavy to transport, and sourcing other points of water can slow the job down, so access to an outside tap would be beneficial.

Does the weather affect work?

We all know the British weather. The summer months will naturally reduce the possibility of rainy days lost, but you may also find that we are booked up more around those times, so book ahead or chance the weather!

Is it a free quote?

Yes, and valid for 30 days.

Will it be you doing the work?

Yes. We do not subcontract our work. Our name is our reputation and our reputation is built upon our skilled team.

How long have you been in business?

We have been established since 1992

Do you have several jobs running at the same time?

We start and finish each job before moving to the next. Therefore, the timescale of disruption is kept to a minimum.

Your quote is higher than others we have had, Why?

The success and longevity of a good job is all on the groundworks and preparation. While two jobs look similar on completion, time is the teller ! This is why !

We fancy having a go ourselves, Could you help with preparing the area?

Yes we have the equipment to assist and would be more than happy to work with you on your project.

Could you dig a water pipe or electricity cable for us with your digger?

More than happy to assist.